Privacy policy

About confidentiality

Guarantee of confidentiality and responsible use of customer information.

Crédit 100 Limites respects the confidentiality of personal information and ensures its protection.

We hereby inform you that we will make wise use of your confidential personal information, as well as the precautions taken in this regard. By confidential, we mean any personal information that does not come from a public source, such as your social insurance number or the name of your employer.

We invite you to read the following and ask us any questions by phone, email or in person. We agree, in the following terms, to use your information responsibly and to fulfill our duty of confidentiality.

Privacy and personal information

We will ensure the confidentiality of your personal information, according to the security standards in force.

Collection, use and retention of confidential information:

We only collect, use and retain information deemed necessary for the administration of our activities, customer satisfaction, compliance with regulatory requirements relating to the retention of information as well as the promotions, services and opportunities that may be of interest to you or be of benefit to you. For example, your information may be used to assess your eligibility for a loan or other services.

Collection of information

Where applicable, we will collect the following information: information that you have disclosed through forms, as part of an application or otherwise, such as your salary and place of work information that you have provided voluntarily, for example, your fax number and e-mail address information relating to transactions carried out with our company, our subsidiaries or other information from a consumer information agency, such as information relating to your solvency, professional situation, etc.

Confidentiality measures

One of the main measures related to confidentiality is to ensure that only authorized persons can see and use personal information. Only employees who need to use such information to provide products and services to you will have access to it.

We have implemented a process as well as hardware and electronic security means that comply with federal privacy regulations.

Disclosure of information to third parties

We may be required to communicate, within the limits prescribed by law, all or some of your personal information to the following persons, for specific purposes: to third parties in order to carry out a financial transaction requested or authorized by you, to insurance companies your vehicle, to registration agencies, regulatory bodies and audit firms, to credit bureaus, to the vehicle manufacturer, to third parties contributing to the advertising of our services and activities, to third parties providing services relating to our products, such as direct mail agencies; as part of a legal process, court order or subpoena.

We require other parties providing ancillary services on our behalf to adhere to our standards of confidentiality and information protection. We authorize them to use confidential information for the sole purpose of providing a product or service on behalf of Crédit 100 Limites.


When you apply for credit online, so that we can accept it, you agree to the following:

“I certify that the information I have provided is true and I agree that you inquire about my account with credit reporting agencies. I grant you my permission for an investigation to be undertaken in relation to my solvency and my professional situation. I agree that a notice will be sent to me by post, in accordance with the law on confidentiality, and that my credit history will be disclosed to a third-party credit institution.”