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You want to get a car loan despite your bad credit?

At Crédit 100 Limites, we help you borrow for the purchase of a vehicle at very advantageous rates depending on your financial situation!

How does pre-approval work?

Car loan pre-approval is similar to mortgage pre-approval. It lets you know how much you can finance on your next vehicle purchase.

Questions about car financing?

Of course! Several solutions are available to you. Straight away, Crédit 100 Limites can access more than 20 vehicle loan programs.

The first step is to determine which program is best for your situation. Get in touch with us for help finding the best solution for you.

You can also complete an online credit application for fast after-hours service!

Absolutely! A new post-bankruptcy auto loan is the best way to rebuild good credit.

This is because car finance programs are registered with your credit bureau and help increase your credit score.

At Crédit 100 Limites, we attach great importance to supervising you in your credit recovery efforts, as well as supporting your decision-making in a project to acquire a new vehicle.

Contact us or complete a secure online credit application!

The results of your application will be available very quickly. Once the credit application has been submitted, one of our advisers will contact you in order to develop a tailor-made financing plan according to your situation.

There are car finance programs for customers with no credit history.

Obviously, these formulas do not allow borrowing for a luxury car. But the good news is that these programs make it possible to finance a recent vehicle, all without compromise.

You can complete a credit application by clicking here. Also, you can contact us by email or phone to discuss your project in more detail.

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