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Would you like to receive quick access to auto credit?

Auto financing and credit in Québec | Crédit 100 Limites

How Does Pre-Approval Work?

An auto loan pre-approval is similar to a mortgage pre-approval. It lets you know how much you can finance for your next vehicle purchase.

  • Auto financing that fits your budget
  • Auto financing without credit history
  • Personalized and transparent service
  • Quality vehicle inventory
  • Exceptional after-sales service
  • Credit repair advice
  • The best interest rate for you!

Questions About Auto Financing?

Of course! Several solutions are available to you. First, Crédit 100 Limites can access more than 20 vehicle loan programs.

The first step is to determine the program that best suits your situation. Contact us for help finding the optimal solution for you.

You can also fill out an online credit application for fast service outside business hours!

Absolutely! A new post-bankruptcy auto loan is actually the best way to rebuild good credit.

Auto financing programs are recorded on your credit report and help increase your credit score.

At Crédit 100 Limites, we place great importance on guiding you through your credit repair process and assisting you in acquiring a new vehicle.

Contact us or fill out a secure online credit application!

Your application results are available very quickly. Once the credit application is submitted, one of our advisors will contact you to develop a custom financing plan based on your situation.

There are auto financing programs for customers without a credit history.

While these programs do not allow borrowing for a luxury car, they do allow financing for a recent vehicle without compromise.

You can fill out a credit application by clicking here. You can also contact us by email or phone to discuss your project in more detail.

What is Credit Repair?

Credit repair aims to ensure that your credit reports are error-free and accurately reflect your use of credit.

Credit Basics

Rebuilding or restoring your credit takes time and patience. Here are some important factors to improve your credit score:

  • Establish a budget and plan monthly expenses.
  • Be vigilant against fraud and dispute any errors.
  • Eliminate small balances on multiple credit accounts.
  • Manage your debts by making recurring payments.
  • Increase your credit limit.
  • Pay your credit card balances in full each time.

Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal

In the event of bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy informs Equifax and Trans-Union, and a note is added to the credit file.

Bankruptcy information is removed 6 years after the discharge date. However, it is possible to rebuild credit immediately after discharge. Consumer proposal information is removed 3 years after the proposal ends, but credit can be rebuilt as soon as it ends.

How to Recover from Bankruptcy?

If you have not been discharged from your bankruptcy or consumer proposal, no financial institution will grant you credit. A note of bankruptcy or consumer proposal on the credit file serves as a "yellow light" warning potential creditors of your credit issues. After discharge, some credit companies may offer you credit under certain conditions, often within 12 months.

How to Rebuild Credit Quickly?

Tips for rebuilding credit within 12 months following a bankruptcy or consumer proposal discharge:

  • Ensure all balances on your credit report are set to zero by your creditors.
  • Obtain auto financing that fits your budget to establish a positive payment history.
  • Open an account with a new institution and accumulate a certain amount for automatic monthly withdrawals.
  • Avoid bouncing checks with your new financial institution.
  • Offer a security deposit of $500 to $1,000 to obtain a credit card with a $500 limit and pay the balance in full each month.


Applying for a car loan at Crédit 100 Limites is very simple. All you have to do is fill out the auto finance application form on this page and the (optional) comprehensive auto loan form that follows for even faster approval. Once your request has been received, you will be approved within 20 minutes in most cases, during our business hours. At Crédit 100 Limites, we offer you an ultra personalized credit approval service. Your car loan is waiting for you! For super-fast service, you can also apply for car credit by phone at 1 844 561-5050.

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